Chiropractic Testimonials

"Adjustments improve my sleeping throughout the night and help with muscle tension on the shoulders and necks! It’s been great coming here for adjustments!"

- Lee

"I have had lower and mid back pain for many years, after visiting Oak Springs I am virtually pain free! its Fantastic!"

- Mark

"I would have probably had surgery on my neck. Very thankfully Dr. Heidi has provided me with good exercises and good information. I love chiropractic because it saved me from being mutilated instead of treated. Dr. Heidi is a very through and caring person. Not only does she care about your physical condition, she also cares about your mental and spiritual well being. It feels like I was broken and hurting. Now after my adjustment I feel like I’m fixed and ready to tackle the next challenge."

- Susan

"When I started, my wellness quotient was 68, when I ended it was 111. I lost 21 pounds, my blood pressure went down, my lung capacity went way up, all of my strength numbers went up by hundreds of pounds. I also sleep much better and have been able to ride my bike over 1,500 miles this summer."

- Brian

"Daniel is 4 years old and has quite a long medical background. Since Dan was 2 weeks old every September his health problems would begin. They always started the same with some rash that was unexplainable and undiagnosable as well. From there it would get worse. He would develop upper respiratory problems in which most of the time would send us to the hospital for days and sometimes weeks. We never did get any answers from the doctors, just enormous medical bills which put us in financial ruins. Just before we started taking Dan to Dr. Ben, the U of MN wanted to start Dan on growth hormone because he had stopped growing as well, even though his body had the right hormones, he just wasn’t using them. Since Dan started seeing Dr. Ben he has been without a single health problem! Our family and friends are all amazed by how well Dan is doing. He’s growing, gaining weight, has not had any digestive or respiratory problems. My family will always be thankful for Dr. Ben entering our lives and giving life back to us! As well as a happy, healthy, growing 4 year old boy!"

- Tessie

"I came in with extreme low back pain. The kind where you ask: ‘Can you fix me without touching me?’ The next morning after my first adjustment I was a new person with 90% less pain. As an added benefit I’m also getting better quality sleep. I feel well rested when I wake. I’ve also be en able to stop taking thyroid medication. Previously when I’d stopped the meds, I would experience extreme fatigue, sleep for 15 hours and still want a nap. Not anymore! I recommend Dr. Ben to everyone!"

- Lisa

"I am a massage therapist and I initially went to see Dr. Ben because I was having some discomfort in my left thumb. After the first visit the pain was much better and by the third visit the pain was gone and has not reoccurred. I have had a dramatic reduction in headaches and mid-back discomfort also. I have been to chiropractors in the past without a lot of success, but Dr. Ben’s chiropractic care is holistic and I think that is the reason I have had such success."

- Karen

"Once I’m adjusted, I feel more energized, more open, relaxed and happy."

- Maggie

"I went to see Dr. Heidi for the first time recently and I was so impressed with the professionalism of the office as well as the care provided. My upper back and neck issue felt immediate relief after my visit. I have referred several of my friends and family to this office. Highly recommended!! thank you for your help with my back and neck! I’ll see you soon!"

- Amy

"I was having issues with stress and sleeping. Dr. Heidi suggested I try a liver detox to try to cleanse my body. I started in January for a 3-week program. The toughest part was not eating meat for 2 weeks, but I learned a lot of new recipes. During the process, I was able to get to sleep better and wake up at the time I needed to start my day.vI have learned more about the foods that have been making me feel bad and removed them from my diet. Since the cleanse, I have continued most of the diet with mostly organic foods and minimal glutens. I feel so much better and will definitely do another cleanse soon."

- Shawn

"Before seeing Dr. Ben I was experiencing lower back pain and numbness in my right leg all the way into my foot. I also experienced lots of headaches and often suffered with heartburn. Because of my lower back pain I haven’t been able to look for work, I have gained about 20 pounds due to little or no exercise and I have been very stressed out. My pain was just really putting a damper on my life. I tried physical therapy for about three months and used a lot of pain killers, but I never got relief. Since beginning care I have had no headaches and no heartburn almost immediately after I began getting worked on. I have also been experiencing less pain and no numbness in my leg. I now have the ability to start working again and have been experiencing an overall better attitude and outlook on life. I have referred one of my best friends to see Dr. Ben. I am just very happy with everything I have experienced so far and look forward to seeing more improvement as Dr. Ben keeps working on me. Thank you very much!"

- Reid

"(Regarding her 3 month old son who had) “acid reflux, hiccups, trouble laying on his back, and general digestion problems. It made it hard to put him down to sleep, he cried a lot in the car and wasn’t able to get comfortable.” After 4 adjustments, “He was able to be off Prevacid (acid reflux medication) for 2 days, was able to go to sleep and be comfortable laying on his back, spit up less, and had hiccups less! (He was) Just happier and more content now. He also started sleeping 6 or 7 hours at 1 time during the night!"

- Traci

"When our daughter, Chloe, was 2 months old she started projectile vomiting several times a week and was having difficulty when breastfeeding, especially on the left side. We took her to see her pediatrician who diagnosed her with Gastroesophageal Reflux and prescribed Zantac to relieve the symptoms. I didn’t feel right about giving her the medicine, but we were desperate to make her feel better. After a week we saw no real change and she didn’t like the medicine. A friend had told us that she took her baby to a chiropractor for colic and it changed her baby completely. After just a couple of treatments Chloe began taking long restful naps, was breastfeeding easier and was no longer vomiting! We will recommend Dr. Heidi to anyone with a baby who is struggling!"

- Ann

"As a registered nurse I see every day the effects of improper nutrition, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle habit can have on a person. I looked in the mirror and saw I have headed there myself. Creating Wellness was like a breath of fresh air. My Wellness Quotient rose almost 30 points, I’ve lost 25lbs, smile all the time and have the energy and lifestyle I’ve always craved."

- Connie

"Since starting chiropractic care I have been able to function at a greater level. I am healthier, have more energy – in turn, a better wife and mom."

- Jennifer

"About six months ago I changed my lifestyle. Eating clean, exercising regularly, getting more sleep and seeing Dr. Heidi more frequently. I successfully lost 70+lbs! Then the holidays hit, life got busy and stressful; I hit a plateau. Right after the first of the year, I got a note from Dr. Heidi, inviting me to a weight loss/detoxification challenges. I took the challenge and for the last six weeks, got back to eating clean, exercising and getting more sleep. I lost 30.4lbs in 6 weeks, 17 in the first three weeks doing the detoxification. I feel great and am more focused to continue on my journey.”

- Misty

"I went the (medical) doctor for my headaches. They did CT scans, a spinal tap, I even went to an ear, nose and throat doctor thinking it might be my sinuses. Everything came back normal. They put me on medicine for my migraines. The medicine would usually take the pain away but I knew I was only masking the pain, not correcting the problem. Now that I have been seeing Dr. Ben for over a year and my headaches are pretty much gone. Now when I do get one, they are less severe and manageable. I rarely have to take a migraine pill now. My life has completely changed for the better. I can concentrate at work better, I don’t have to sleep off my migraines and miss out on fun things. I haven’t been to the regular (medical) doctor for any type of sickness in over a year."

- Jennifer

"I had persistent lower back pain that would seem to ‘turn off and turn on’ randomly. During certain periods of ‘pain on’, I could not sit for more than 5 minutes without pain. It was impossible to exercise or enjoy any activities. I took a lot of aspirin and went to a chiropractor about 4 years ago for one adjustment. The chiropractor never recommended that I continue therapy let alone any preventive work. After my first round of adjustments, I experienced a dramatic change. The pain subsided and I was able to concentrate on work and family. The real change came after wearing my orthotics for a couple days. No more pain! I would definitely recommend Dr. Heidi, you have helped me understand and prevent back pain. Anyone who suffers from back pain needs to come in for treatment!"

- Justin

"I never thought this would work, I was skeptical. But I feel so much better. I feel better than I have in over 20 years. I have more energy, sleep well and my sacroiliac pain is so gone! I have no doubts now!"

- Nancy

"I feel better than I have in years! I could go on for hours about the different ways that creating wellness has changed me and my life. In 15 weeks, I have lost 22 pounds and over four inches from my waist and hips. I have decreased my blood pressure and increased my strength. I lowered my cholesterol enough to get off of my medication. Creating wellness is the best thing I could do for myself!!! Thank you!!"

- Mary

"I’m a hospital nurse and on my feet a lot, especially during 2020, this crazy year of the pandemic. I felt the stress of work and life in general. I felt a few aches in my neck and back, a dull headache now and then, but nothing debilitating. I wasn’t sleeping the greatest. I believe in chiropractic care for wellness and have gone regularly in the past, but stopped when my previous chiropractor moved to Wisconsin. I recently moved to Oakdale and was referred to Oak Springs Chiropractic. I had an appointment, with Dr. Ben, as a new patient and got in the same week! We developed a plan to get me “back on track!

I signed up for a package and followed his other recommendations. I don’t have the dull headaches as much and even though my back may still ache in some areas, there is positive change and that’s what I wanted! I’m doing this chiropractic plan for correction and wellness, to prevent serious injury. I’m happy to be a part of this Chiropractic clinic. I’ve seen all three doctors and they are amazing people! Check out Oak Springs Chiropractic in Oakdale, Minnesota!

Dr. Ben, Dr. Heidi, Dr. Sarah, Holly and Amanda are the best team!

Sincerely, Lora M., new patient since August."

- Lora

"It didn’t take much, after shoveling some snow, that I felt a spasm in my back and headed back inside. The first thing I did was make a call to the chiropractor my husband goes to: Dr. Andy. I had a hard time moving around, bending, sitting for periods of time, but after my first visit with Dr. Andy, my lower back felt better. It took several more sessions and some ice packs, but my back feels much better. I know that without his adjustments, my recovery would’ve taken much longer."

- Debra

"When I started, my wellness quotient was a 68, when I ended it was 111. I lost 21 pounds, my blood pressure went down, and my lung capacity went way up, all of my strength numbers went up by hundreds of pounds. I also sleep much better and have been able to ride my bike over 1,500 hundred miles this summer."

- Brian

"Chiropractic care allows me a natural alternative to “popping pills”. It also fits beautifully into my healthy lifestyle- and the support and encouragement I get from Dr. Heidi is second to none. Dr. Heidi has literally taken me from “ground zero” with full blown Crohn’s disease and helped me every step of the way into full remission for 1 year, 3 months."

- Jill

"Dr. Heidi was my miracle maker! My migraines were reduced to a couple a year as opposed to almost every day. I regained my focus, had less stress and was able to enjoy life again."

- Joal

"In the winter of 2017, I had a bad spill on an iced over parking lot. We were about to leave on vacation and I was very sore!! Dr. Heidi worked very hard through adjusting and working with Debra for massage and got me back up and operational in VERY short order!! Thank you sooooo much!!"

- Rob

"I feel so energetic after I am adjusted. I feel like I can stretch more and I do not hurt after. I was getting very bad headaches, now I don’t. I feel like I can jump higher and am more agile. I look forward to my adjustments."

- Brandon

"My wife experienced a scary persistent pain in the upper neck area after a weekend of gardening, and we were concerned that this was going to require dangerous neck or back surgery to correct.
I have had to experience with Chiropractic and was extremely skeptical. I was begged to see a Dr. Ben by several people that I trust, and I finally agreed. I am not going to use the word miracle for a variety of reasons, except that it is a miracle when I admit I was wrong. I was wrong!
One extended session with Dr. Ben, and my wife was pain free, and stayed that way! Amazing..

I highly recommend Dr. Ben"

- John

"A few years back, I fell at work, not really thinking I was injured, a few months later the pain and muscle spasms, a lot of pain, created a lip on the left leg. Went to a different Dr. some relief, but the pain continued and sometimes got worse, my daughter made a recommendation…
So I decided I had enough, saw Dr. Heidi, she took an x-ray… now I am really not happy, she says HIP, bad you will be needing a hip replacement…
SHE, DR HEIDI; did the adjustments and after the 1st three, I was in much less pain, then the next three, are you kidding me, I can go to work, (which I’m on my feet for 7 hours a day), no Advil or anything now, (which was like eating MM’s daily) I can play golf and get done with the round and enjoy the rest of my day, pain free,,, is everything perfect, no, but damn near…
THANKS, Dr. Heidi !!!

Bonus: about 6 years ago I had a double sinus infection, lost most of my sense of smell, down to about 20%, after the treatments from Dr. Heidi, now I have about 80% smell back…
Thanks again, great staff, great place, they care!!!"

- Jeff

"Dr. Ben, Just before I had my very first visit with you I found out that I had an abnormal pap. They tested it for Cervical Cancer (early stage) and, let’s just say the results were not so hot. So she told me that in order to fight this I needed to change my life style. No more smoking and no more junk food. She said with healthy eating that would boost my immune system and that would fight off the cancer. Since I have been coming to you I quite smoking, I am eating a healthy diet and I have more energy to work out do activities. My immune system has been top notch; I don’t have to take allergy pills anymore. I recently went back to my OBGYN and she retested me, I am still waiting on the results, but she said since I have changed my life style so dramatically the chances are in my favor that I have beat this. I couldn’t have done this with out you. My stress levels from work, personal, financial, relationships, have all dropped dramatically. It’s because of the confidence I have in you and your practice that I am able to get through this tough time in my life. If the results are not what I hope they are, I know that because you make peoples bodies operate correctly I will be able to get through this. If they are what I want them to be it’s because of the support of you and your staff that helped me get through this. There aren’t enough words to thank you; I would recommend you to anyone who wants to live a happier life. I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life, but I’m sure you can tell every time you see me with a smile on my face. Thank you Dr. Ben and staff, you are the greatest."

- Anna

"I feel better than I have in years! I could go on for hours about the different ways that creating wellness has changed me and my life. In 15 weeks, I have lost 22 pounds and over four inches from my waist and hips. I have decreased my blood pressure and increased my strength. I lowered my cholesterol enough to get off of my medication. Creating wellness is the best thing I could do for myself!!! Thank you!!"

- Mary

"…migraine headaches-severe, almost everyday. Went to a neurologists and they couldn’t tell me why I was getting them- just gave me more medications, but it didn’t solve the long term or root problem. Dr. Heidi was my miracle maker! My migraines were reduced to a couple a year as apposed to almost every day. I regained my focus, had less stress and was able to enjoy life again."

- Joal

"The day before I went into labor my lower back, for no real apparent reason, started to hurt. I have had minor low back issues in the past and have gone to 4-5 different chiropractors over the last 10 years pretty sporadically. When this back pain appeared I was a little more concerned since I was supposed to be induced 3 days later. I decided to make my first ever appointment with Dr. Heidi considering she specializes in moms and pediatrics. I was pushing 41 weeks pregnant and huge. I waddled in on that first day and couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Dr. Heidi. She adjusted me and wished me luck on my upcoming delivery. 7 hours later my water broke. (could it be from the adjustment? not sure but I like to think it helped!! ha) I was hoping that with the delivery of my son my back would go back to normal and I’d walk out of the hospital just fine. WRONG! I could barely walk down the hall. When we got home, I could barely walk up our stairs.. I had to use a scooter (ugh) in Target. It was the worst. I kept going to Dr. Heidi and she remained her positive self insisting I would be able to walk and carry my son just fine soon. I believed her but was also concerned so I went to a medical dr who prescribed me prednisone. That definitely did nothing and was a waste of time, however my chiropractor care did. Within 2.5 weeks of seeing Dr. Heidi I was able to walk out of her office. The first time I walked out without limping she rejoiced! She honestly and truly cares about her patients. She does not pressure you with commitments to keep coming back (even though you will want to b/c you will feel amazing) but she just does her job with a smile and helps in any way she can. Now, I’m pregnant with my second and immediately went to her in hopes of preventing what happened last time.

I couldn’t recommend Dr. Heidi and Oak Springs any more – they are amazing. They are lifesavers!!"

- Lindsey

"I love chiropractic because it is a way for me to better myself without medicine."

- Tammie

"I’ve learned a great deal about myself and how I can help my body restore itself naturally instead of seeking medicine to mask the pain."

- Anna

"I LOVE the CHIROPRACTIC experience @ Oak Springs!! It helps with every issue I can ever think of without having to resort to a medical doctor for a Rx."

- Amanda

"I feel better than I have in a long time. Being new to chiropractic care, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Honestly, in just 3 months I have a better understanding of what I can expect and how my life can improve. It’s so much more than chiropractic care (as I used to know it). For the first time, I’m paying attention to my health in ways I never thought I would."

- Cheryl

"Olivia has received chiropractic adjustments since day one in the hospital. She gets checked every week and scanned regularly to find and remove stress from her little system. I believe adamantly that due to regular chiropractic adjustments, good nutrition and low stress at home, she has stayed healthy. She is 4 years old and has never had an ear infection, sinus infection or taken one ounce of medication including antibiotics or pain relievers. Don’t get me wrong, she still gets colds/coughs/fevers and had the rotovirus as a 2 year old. However, the infections are gone quickly and her immune system is stronger because of the exposure and fighting it off naturally. Chiropractic care is and always will be one of the top priorities for her health care and I would recommend every child getting their bodies checked for nerve stress. Adjustments are so simple and affordable that it should be part of regular care for infants and kids. Olivia loves her adjustments and asks for the “click” all the time. She asks for adjustments when she doesn’t feel well which thrills me because she knows that the adjustments really help!

Thank God for chiropractic care and for a healthy child."

- Olivia's Mom

"I have lived with chronic pain for over 25 years. I was misdiagnosed with MS and Lupus only to finally be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was tired all of the time and was never without some kind of pain. I often felt as though this is how life was going to be for the rest of my life. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never be without pain. I had trouble exercising, walking and just doing simple things like walking up and down stairs. Chronic pain took the joy out of life. Prior to seeing Dr. Ben, I had tried everything, including another chiropractor. Over the past 25 years I have been through multiple tests costing thousands of dollars. Nothing seemed to work until I started seeing Dr. Ben. Now I feel like I have my life back!! It is true what they say; you have nothing if you don’t have your health. I feel the best I have felt in 25 years. Thank you Dr. Ben for giving me back my health and freedom from pain."

- Jodi

"I was desperate, in pain, and sleep deprived when I found our chiropractors on the internet. I was immediately impressed with the professional, friendly staff and educational materials that are so available. I believe properly applied knowledge is power to be free to be all I was meant to be."

"Within a few adjustments I was beginning to realize that a life with little or no pain might be possible. WITHOUT drugs. Many of my back, leg and shoulder problems are the direct result of being a mother. I have three children. I had a lot of “sciatic nerve” problems and neck and shoulder problems from carrying children. The pain kept me awake many night but if it was not the pain, it was the youngest child. Garrett had not slept well since he was born. He had terrible “colic”. At ten months old, if he slept more than six hours at a time, we celebrated! Our daughter who is five years old, has had bedwetting problems, as well as many day “ accidents”. On a typical night I was up every two to three hours either with Garrett awake ( crying or playing) or taking our five year old to the potty or changing sheets. Then when all was quiet, I would lay in bed in pain trying to sleep.

Life is so different now! All three children began chiropractic care about two months ago. Within two adjustments, Garrett was sleeping eight to twelve hours every night and taking a one to two hour nap every day! AND our five year old has not had ANY accidents, day or night!

Chiropractic care will be a way of life for us. I thank God for answered prayers in the care and education that our chiropractors have provided."

- Rachel

"I have loved playing sports all of my life. In November of 2005, at the age of 12, I fell really hard playing basketball and landed on my hip. It hurt so badly that I couldn’t play basketball or any other sports that involved running. After a few months of waiting for it to heal, my mom and I started what turned out to be almost 3 years of consulting with many specialists to take away this pain.

"Over the course of three years, I had many tests to try to determine what was causing this pain to continue. I have had many x-rays, 4 MRIs, and CT scan and some blood tests.

Most doctors thought that my problem was growth plate inflammation on my iliac crest, and treatment for that is 4-6 moths of rest. But when those months passed, I was no better, so I started long sessions of physical therapy, daily exercises at home, steroid injections, acupuncture, a TENS unit, lidocaine injections, pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, icing, Prolotherapy (Dextrose injections) electric stimulation. I also wore a Protonics device for about 6 months. I tried physical therapy at 3 separate clinics for months at a time. I have seen orthopedic and neurologic specialists and I saw three chiropractors for extended periods of time before finding Dr. Salonek.

After all of this, I was no better. There were times when it hurt to walk a single block. I was very unhappy to be missing out on sports and fun with all my friends and family for almost 3 years.

Last August I came to see Dr. Heidi and she decided that I should have some x-rays in the standing position, and it was revealed that I have a large curve in my lower spine which was putting too much tension on the nerves leading to my hip. She has been helping me to change how I eat and how I exercise. I take some supplements and she has been adjusting me for about 6 months. I started to get better after just a couple of months and now I am able to play basketball and other sports again. It is like a miracle. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if we hadn’t come to know Dr. Salonek."

- Isabel

"Headaches! Really, really BAD headaches! That is the first thing that brought me to my chiropractors’ office. Not mild headaches…I’m talking nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to sound. I used to wake up in the morning, about once a month or every 3 to 5 weeks, sometimes more often and these headaches were so bad that they ruined my whole day!!! I used to take a variety of medications to combat them (or their symptoms), such as: Gravol, Advil liquid-gels, Zomig Rapimelt (Zolmitripton) and Maxalt RPD (rizatriptan). In most cases the meds didn’t even give me any relief!"

"And then someone recommended that I go to their chiropractor. I was skeptical. Boy am I glad I did go. My headaches have decreased and they are much less severe. No more nausea, which is a relief.

As an added benefit, my blood pressure has dropped!! This is something I hadn’t counted on, but…Hallelujah! I have had high blood pressure for a long time and had been taking medication for it. My family doctor was very skeptical to begin with. On one of my last visits my blood pressure was 116/80, the best it’s been in years. I could have danced out of there, I was so happy. Another gift from chiropractic. My medical doctor is extremely pleased and is now asking questions about chiropractic.

I have peace of mind because of the care my chiropractors have given me. There are a few things that I have had to give up for my health (like home-made white bread), but that’s a small price to pay!

I have to say that I came here, full of doubts, but in desperation. I was impressed with the workshop and the explanation “wellness”. The fact is , a doctor/chiropractor can only do so much; we are the ones living in our bodies. I decide to really work on this. I did my exercises, made a food journal and started writing down info every time I had a headache. I did all this for me. My chiropractors and their staff have been very encouraging, and I highly recommend them to all."

- L.M.

“I’ve used chiropractic care at various points in my life to keep my body working through various high impact sports, such as wrestling, bull riding, and football. I had lower back pain that was stopping me from being able to fulfill work tasks. The pain was stopping me from sleeping and I couldn’t sit or lie down without discomfort. My performance at work was severely diminished, I couldn’t sleep well, I couldn’t play basketball or tennis at all, where I normally played 2-3 times per week, and I was not as cheery at home as normal.”

“My back pain is gone, headaches that I thought were normal are gone, my sinuses have cleared up for the first time in over 5 years, I have more energy, increased strength, I’m generally in a better mood, and my immune system has been noticeably better. It about 2 weeks for the first symptoms to diminish and have noticed continual improvement since. I’ve noticed that I worry a little bit less and am a little less anxious than before. I don’t get as sore in my legs after playing sports for a couple hours. My relationship with my wife has improved.”

“I definitely would recommend chiropractic care as a part of maintaining or improving health.”

- Rob

"I was diagnosed with full blown progressive MS (multiple sclerosis). I was not able to walk and often I had to use a wheelchair or a cane. I had a loss of feeling and weakness of the entire left side of my body. I had suffered with constant fatigue, constant aching, insomnia and daily migraines. Between being wheelchair bound and the debilitating migraines I did not have much of a life. I had visited no less than six medical doctors who told me that I had to live with the MS because there was only so much that could be done and I should learn to live with the pain and disability."

"At one time I was on up to twelve different medications per day. When you are suffering like I was, you are always looking for new research and hoping that something will come up that you haven’t tried. Chiropractic is one of those things that I had not tried. After a year of adjustments there were no signs of MS at all. No more wheelchair or pain. I can even run normally. I now have feeling in my left foot and hand and I sleep better and remember things. My cognitive abilities have actually improved. I rarely get migraines at all. I actually have a life now. This year’s medical testing was the best ever. My neurosurgeon said that he couldn’t believe that I was the same person who rolled into his office in a wheelchair one year ago. He was astonished that there was no gait problem at all, nothing. He said that he was going to report this to the MS society because if he did not know better and had not gone through all my tests himself, he would swear I was misdiagnosed with MS. If anybody is going to consider chiropractic care, don’t wait. You waste precious time in life if you wait. If I had found my chiropractor earlier I truly believe I wouldn’t have gone through all the disability and suffering. Chiropractic just makes sense; believe me I know it works."

- Bobby

"I have been suffering with an ear infection for 24 days. I had tried many modalities in order to try to rectify this problem. Today I woke up with severe ear pain (It felt like it was going to break.) and a migraine headache. I called my M.D.’s office and they said that they had no openings but that they would have someone call me later."

"I was besides my self. The pain was excruciating! I was crying and pacing the room in pain. I felt that I had to do something. I went to see my Chiropractor, Dr Ben Smetana. He fit me into his busy schedule. He checked my ears and found that they were red and bulging. He did what was a normal Chiropractic manipulation; C-1 and C-2 were way off. Then he did some massage around the ear and neck area. Finally he did a J-Maneuver, where he pulled on my ear. I thanked him and left. I went to my car, sat down and all of a sudden I could feel a rush as the ears drained. The pain was almost entirely gone.

My Medical Doctor called and said that they would double book me and I could see the doctor in a couple of hours. When I went to see her she stated that my ear was still infected and the ear drum was bulging. (Just imagine what it was like before.) I was given another round of antibiotics and referred to a specialist. I asked her what she could have done for me before when I was in so much pain and thought that the tympanic membrane was going to rupture. She said that she could have done nothing.

I still can not hear well, nor is all the pain gone but what a difference Dr Ben made!! I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was trying to improve their health."

- Katherine

"This is a note of profound gratitude to my chiropractor for helping me back to the active lifestyle I had enjoyed my entire life until about nine years ago when, after the birth of my daughter, I developed severe Rheumatoid Arthritis."

"The medical profession offers no cure for arthritis. The underlying cause is unknown. Therefore, most medical doctors treat the symptoms of arthritis – a lifetime of taking prescribed drugs, surgery, and similar invasive treatments are suggested. Now I avoided using medications as long as I could but within a few months after my daughter’s birth, the pain was so debilitating I was unable to properly care for my young daughter. I believed my only choice was to turn to prescription drugs and a Rheumatologist started me on the traditional course of treatment. Over the years I tried numerous medications in an attempt to manage the pain, stiffness, inflammation, depression, and fatigue, and even needing additional medications to combat the side effects of the arthritis drugs. While the drugs masked the symptoms of the disease, and my body seemed better, I was under constant supervision in order to monitor liver function, blood cell count, retina toxicity and drug induced ulcers. True, the arthritis pain was no longer controlling my life, but at what cost? Through research, I also became aware of the serious dangers from long term use of these medications, and since I didn’t want to further put myself at risk for major complications, I decided it was time to find a safer alternative. Then a friend told me about a chiropractor and his Wellness Club. It was my hope that the treatments would help with some of the stiffness, but what has happened since seeing my chiropractor has far exceeded my expectations.

While I can’t pin point exactly when I noticed a difference in my health, what stands out in my mind is that one day I realized that several days had passed and I hadn’t taken my medications. This was a profound realization! You see, typically the pain and stiffness was a constant reminder to take the meds. But since there was no pain, I wasn’t even thinking about medicating myself. It wasn’t long before I simply stopped taking all the meds. Now I can honestly say that I have been able to eliminate my pain and just as importantly my dependency on the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and their ongoing astronomical costs.

Since receiving chiropractic care, I’ve learned that vertebral subluxations weaken your nervous system, stress the immune system, put the body in a weakened state and can set the stage for sickness and diseases of all types — arthritis included. Don’t wait until you have a degenerative problem. I urge anyone hearing this to take control of their own health and avoid prescription drugs and the risk of their dangerous side-effects. Prevention is the key to good health and I sincerely believe that chiropractic care has played an important part in increasing my healing capacity. I’m now thriving, not merely surviving. Thank you to my chiropractor and his wonderful staff!"

- Adrienna

"Hi, my name is Lorraine. I am happy, out- going, energetic and getting more and more healthy every day. Nearly 2 months ago, I would have never anticipated the way that I feel about life now. I had taken almost every diet pill on the market, tried money exhausting exercise programs that were not really motivating. I was always tired and I had begun to feel extreme pain in my back and body. I had constant headaches for the past 10 years and had been taking up to 18 Advils per day. Carrying Advils and Motrins was a must for me. My life was severely stressful both at home and at work and on most days I just didn’t want to wake up."

"One Monday morning in late November 2007 I was walking to work, as I normally did everyday, and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and all of a sudden my left leg gave out. I nearly fell to the ground and I struggled to walk the remaining 1 ½ blocks to get to work. The next 2 days the pain got progressively worse and it began to start earlier in my walk. I went to my doctor and they ran tests but found nothing. I was thought to have a thyroid problem. I was given sleeping medication because I hadn’t been sleeping well, muscle relaxers and pain medication. I took the muscle relaxers, but they did not help. I did not take anything else except for my current daily doses of 6 Advils at least twice a day, sometimes 3 times per day.

I went back to my doctor again, still looking and feeling terrible. I had no kind of energy and every day was a drag. It was a big blur from day to day……….I felt like a hamster in a never ending wheel of torture. My doctor could find nothing else to help me and he referred me to a chiropractor . He told me that the chiropractor was practicing with a new technology and would perhaps be able to help me.

I went to the chiropractor the very same day and he explained how there may be something wrong with my nervous system (which is connected to your spine). Your nervous system has an effect on every part of your body and if you have subluxations in your spine it can affect everything. The chiropractor adjusted my back and then arranged for me to have my spine scanned. I had a series of scans done and found out that I had a herniated disk in my lower spine. I also had nerve testing done and found out that my left side is weaker than the right side of my body. The chiropractor told me about a program that he was participating in called Creating Wellness. He told me that an assessment is done at the beginning of the program and a wellness quotient is used to determine how well you actually are.

Well, imagine my surprise to find out that my wellness quotient was 59. This qualified me as being very challenged. After finding out the benefits of being on the Creating Wellness program, I decided to try it. I had my family against me because they thought it was too expensive and would be useless. I went on with it anyway because I knew that I couldn’t go on feeling as sick as I always had been.

I have been on the program for 6 weeks now. I follow the exercises and the meal plans as they are. I listen to the CD’s and read my weekly logs. Sometimes I eat something out of the plan but I am careful not to eat too much or too often. The exercises are fun and make me feel really good early in the morning. I take all of my supplements. I have not remembered feeling as good as I do now in a very long time. I feel like every day is a breath of fresh air. I have not had a headache in nearly 2 months. No more Advil or Motrin! I sleep better and the pain in my lower back has decreased. My life has changed- for the better! I don’t get sick as often as I used to and if I do feel symptoms coming, they usually last a very short time. I have higher self- esteem, I’m not as stressed out as I used to be, I have an incredible amount of energy, I eat healthier, and I’m excited about what my future holds. I look forward to the rest of the program and to the continuation of my lifestyle change. I really feel like – the sky’s the limit- now! At my 5 week assessment I found out that I lost 5 lbs., decreased my body fat, and increased my muscle mass. My wellness quotient is now 85 and I can’t wait to see what it will be at week 15!"

- Lorraine

"I’m Shenyn Gale, a sophomore at Stillwater Area High School, I have been a competitive swimmer for 5 years on a team called SEMS along with the Stillwater varsity swim and dive team. My story starts in February 2014 when I was playing basketball in my gym class where I was struck in the back of the head with basketball."

"I never lost consciousness but I did get a killer headache. I went to the nurse and was struggling to remember what all had just happened, I did not remember getting hit I just know that my hand went to the back of my head so I assumed that was where I was hit.

My mom took me to the doctor the next day when I couldn’t make it through the school day because the headache was so severe. It didn’t take long for the doctors to conclude that it was indeed a concussion and that I would be out of the pool for two months. This news was devastating considering Minnesota regionals championships and the big state meet were in just two weeks. I never in my 5 years of swimming took this long of a break so when I finally went back after two months of absolutely no physical activity, I had a lot of making up to do. I was way far behind all the people I used to be ahead of and couldn’t make the intervals that used to be easy. Shortly after I had started swimming again in April I had a lot of sharp, aching, throbbing pain in my right shoulder that quickly spread through my back to my left shoulder. I then got checked out by two doctors, one that specializes in swimmers and they were both so sure it was tendonitis, and had me in physical therapy. I was in physical therapy for 5 months and nothing changed, nothing got better and when it came to swimming my times were at an all-time low. I went from a 5:19 in the 500 to a 5:43. This was devastating to me, and it was obvious, so a concerned friend told me to try chiropractic treatment. At first we were skeptical. We had never tried chiropractic care before, but if it worked for my friend Ciana maybe it would work for me.

I came in to see Heidi not knowing what to expect and honestly. I was kind of nervous. They took my x-ray and found the curve of my cervical spine went in the wrong direction. Heidi said it was a typical whiplash injury from being hit in the head by the basketball. Makes me wonder if I ever even had tendinitis, or was my pain from the whiplash when I got the concussion. Finding that out made me wonder “why hadn’t we taken this x-ray earlier.” After my first treatment with Heidi, I was astounded by the difference it made. I could move, I could lift my arms above my head, I could raise my hand all the way in class and when I went to practice that night it was the first time I had been pain free since April. After one treatment I noticed a world of a difference, I didn’t realize all the pain I was in, I didn’t know the restrictions I had with things as simple as washing my hair and grabbing the box on the top shelf in my closet. My first treatment was 7 weeks ago; I started with visits twice a week for the first four weeks and then once a week after that. I have been pain free ever since. As for swimming I’m coming back strong. This past week I competed for Stillwater in the True Team State meet and raced a 5:25 in the 500 the best time I’ve gone since before the concussion. I couldn’t be happier!


- Shenyn

"I would like to take a moment to say thank you for your sincere interest in the health and well being of our community. When I first started coming for the care of my lower back I was initially thankful for the great relief in pain I experienced, but it wasn’t long before I began to really appreciate what your practice provides."

I was initially coming three times a week to the office to aid in the healing of my lower back. Within the first week the chiropractor had x-rays done of my neck also, and found that my atlas needed to be adjusted. After having gone to physicians for over a year for my lower back (I had fallen and had been in severe pain) I had come to seriously dislike every visit to a Dr’s office, from the cold reception at the door, to the drawn out wait in the rooms and the perplexed and impatient looks from the Dr’s not knowing what was wrong with my back, to the ever increasing dent in my pocketbook for all the x-rays and scans and visits.

I could spend an entire page typing about the wonderful “physical” changes I have experienced thanks to the care of my chiropractor and his staff: pain free, weight loss, no more tingling fingers and hands, having grip in my hands again, the ability to lift and carry and play with my children again. Those changes are what I had been expecting to achieve at every physician’s visit I was paying for, and never seeming to attain.

Instead, I would like to say thank you for treating me like a genuine person, with a genuine problem, and delivering what your practice promises to deliver. I want to say thank you to your staff, for knowing my name when I walk in and greeting me with a smile (not because I’m a cash patient, but because I’m a human being). Thank you to your accounts receivable manger for not frowning at me when I told her I didn’t have insurance, but instead helping me find the best way to afford my treatment. And thank you to my chiropractor, for sincere interest in my health and physical well being.

I have recommended you to all of my friends and family, and will continue to do so. The service you provide is priceless. Thank You and God Bless You!!!"

- Linda

"With my wedding approaching in June of this year, both my fiancée and I told each other that after the holidays we needed to start to get in better shape so we looked good and were healthier when we started our life together. We were leery of calling it a New Year’s Resolution because no one ever sticks to them. When I got the Viva Loss Vegas Weight Loss Challenge from Oak Springs, I knew it was the extra motivation we needed. When I started, I started the program I was 260lbs. I wanted to be between 200 and 210 by the time I walked the aisle, so I knew I had work to do."

"Gone were the pizzas, the fast food, and the hardest thing to say goodbye to, Ben and Jerry’s. I replaced all of those things with fish and chicken and vegetables, I know… boring! There first two weeks were tough, but as I stuck with it, it got easier. I also make sure I drank at least 100oz of water per day and we implemented a walking routine that I knew we could stick with. Put the water, the new diet and walking altogether and after the first six weeks, my weight was 231.4lbs. I had lost 28.8lbs and 11.1% of my body. To put that into perspective, pick up a 30lb bag of dog food and try to carry that around with you all day. I would bet you can’t, but that is what I was doing for so long and I know it was killing my body slowly. I now have very minimal joint pain; I sleep better, breathe better and feel so much better than I did back in January. I now know that I can easily reach my goal of losing a full 50lbs by June 11th. I can’t wait!"

- Chad

"Before I started Nutrition Response Testing, I was a mess. I had a lot of issues with allergies, energy, and digestion that nobody could explain. The list of symptoms went on and on… I never felt like I could get enough sleep, I never got hungry – I just felt like I would be sick if I didn’t eat, I got headaches, and every time I went into the sun I felt completely drained of energy and would need to take a nap."

"I barely had enough energy to get through a day, let alone a work-out. I was sick after every meal, and suffered from terrible constipation and debilitating stomach cramps. I couldn’t lose weight, and was nauseous and car sick all of the time. Worst of all, I was really forgetful… it was hard to pay attention to many things at once, and I would forget words, or part of conversations I had, putting a strain on my relationships. I was only in my mid twenties, and I saw what my life was becoming, and I had to make a change.

I sought some help, and doctor after doctor told me it was food allergies, and I kept cutting more and more out of my diet, and feeling better for a small time, and then all of my symptoms would start to come back. I spent thousands of dollars to see a specialist at the Mayo clinic who told me that I was allergic to all plant based foods (nuts, beans, grains, veggies, and fruits), and I would need to stick to eating mostly meat and dairy. I left that meeting feeling depressed and helpless, because I knew that my issues were a symptom of something bigger, and not the real problem, but nobody wanted to dig deeper.

At the time I had been seeing Dr. Heidi, and she had talked a bit about Nutrition Response Testing that she had done with her daughter, and I thought that I should try it. I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I met Dr. Ben and did the test, and according to his results, I had no problems with food at all, just chemicals and artificial dyes that were in my food, and they had built up so much in my system that my immune system was a mess, and I couldn’t digest food properly. He tested my body’s responses to some all natural supplements that would rebalance my body, and from there gave me a weekly regimen of the foods I could eat, supplements to take, and told me to cut out sugar.

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at first, only because nothing had worked before, and a holistic approach was not something I was used to. Also, it seemed unlikely to me that the solution was this simple after seeing doctor after doctor, but as it turns out, it was that simple. I devoted myself whole-heartedly to the program, and three months later, it is the positive changes in my life that go on and on, and not the symptoms.

I no longer have headaches, and when my alarm goes off, I am up and ready to go for the first time in my life. I know when I am hungry and when I am full. I go out in the sun and feel like I could play out there all day. My seasonal allergy symptoms have declined. I am no longer nauseous or motion sick, and I do not have problems with digestion any more- the debilitating pain is gone, and my enjoyment of food is back. Best of all, I remember things!

I have so much energy now that I take two walks a day and had to join a gym, which I never had the energy to do before. On top of feeling great, I have lost 15 lbs so far, and even my skin looks fantastic. My favorite comment has been, “Wow, I love your new make-up regimen!” I just say thank you, but the truth is that I don’t really wear foundation or cover-up anymore, because I don’t have to. I just look more awake because my body is balanced and working the way it is supposed to, which will last me way longer than any make-up or cream ever could.

In just three months, I have changed my life forever because of Oak Springs Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing. I am again an active 27 year old who has been given the incredible gift of my life, and I hope that anyone who feels unwell gives Nutrition Response Testing a shot, because it really does work, and it could change your life."

- Kimberly

"Prior to coming to see Dr. Heidi, about a month ago, I had gone through two surgeries. The first was approximately 4 years ago and was an SI joint fusion on the left side. It was mildly successful for awhile and only helped to isolate my overall back issues."

"With 1 surgery down and the back pain still a major issue, I underwent a 2nd surgery in August of 2010. This surgery was more invasive, more restrictive, and overall was supposed to be more successful. I had a lumbar fusion of the L4-L5 and the L5-S1 discs. This kept me out of work for 8 weeks and was very costly in the amount of movement it would restrict, the ability to do “normal” activities, as well as darn painful. I did recover quickly and was going along quite well. Had been back to work for several weeks.

As with most Minnesota winters, this one began mildly with a rain storm that quickly turned to ice. I woke up on a regular morning and was going about my business unaware of the ice storm outside. Well, I was about 2 steps down the 8-10 step flight of stairs and lost my footing. I fell and landed right on my back in the middle of the stairs. Needless to say there were some choice words for the weather, stairs and my lack of attention paid to the weather the night before. I went back to the surgeon and had various MRI’s, CT scans, and X-rays. It was reassuring to know that I had not done any damage to the recently worked on lumbar area of my back. I did however, do some damage to my neck with a pinched nerve at C5 and herniated 4 discs in my thoracic spine. 1 badly enough that it showed some separation.

So it was back to square one. The surgeon offered the usual band aids. Physical therapy, more epidural injections and eventually another surgery. This surgery would require the moving of some major organs. Heart, lungs, and rib cage. While understanding the need for some immediate actions to reduce and/or eliminate back pain I chose an epidural injection in hopes it would quickly get things calmed down and back into place. It was quickly discovered this would not be the ideal choice and proved to be less than helpful.

Another office visit with the surgeon and the offers were as follows: More injections, surgery, or chiropractic care. Having doubted the chiropractic care quite honestly out of ignorance, I decided I should give this a try. Put the surgery on hold, I am going to try chiropractor care. Searching for local chiropractors with the useful tool called Google, I found Oak Springs Chiropractic Care and called to schedule an appointment. After my initial consultation, screening, and adjustment. Dr. Heidi presented me with her thoughts on my treatment, likelihood of success, and things to do in between visits. We should start with 3 visits per week.

Here we are 1 month later and I can gladly report that I have a 90% reduction in my pain, have switched to a standing desk at work to eliminate painful sitting all day, and have just completed my 4 week re-scan. This scan was different in many ways. The most critical change though was the lack of color on it. Indicating that my body was not only responding well to the adjustments, it liked it and held those adjustments. All of this care was going on while I was being challenged physically with back pain in every aspect of my life, added stress with working while in this pain, unfortunately going through a personal life stressor greater than most faced, divorce, and making time to move, work, and see Dr. Heidi 3 times a week.

I am now turning to a phase of my back health that requires minor tweeking and tuning, rather than facing another 8 weeks out of work and more steel rods and screws throughout my back.

Thank you Dr. Heidi! I would be laying in a hospital bed with new hardware if it were not for the insightful, life changing help of your facility. I have had several people involved in my life approach me recently wondering what has changed so much that my mood, posture, and entire outlook are much more positive. I have referred this office to many of my friends, family and co-workers. I hope they all take me up on it and have similar results.

Thanks again Dr. Heidi!"

- John

"My story is almost too brilliant to believe. I am a type A, hard working CPA, who was almost finished working on my MBA when I was debilitated with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. My five year plan was put on hold. You know the five year plan to take over the world."

"I saw countless doctors over a six month period. I was, and I am not ashamed to admit it, at the end of my rope. My “doctors” had me on 15, yes, 15 different medications for pain, including perocet, oxycontin and morphine. Nothing could touch the pain!!!

I saw the chiropractor as my last resort. My sister-in-law had great results with her chiropractor and she suggested that I see him. I came into his office—pissed off and angry. He explained that he would look specifically at the upper neck to see if the problem was an over-rotated bone putting abnormal pressure on my nervous system. My x-rays confirmed his suspicions. My thoughts were–how come my Harvard-educated neurologist didn’t know this???

My first “crack” saves my life. I know that sounds very Seinfeldian, but it did. I am forever grateful. I jumped off the table screaming and cursing. I know my chiropractor thought it was directed at him, but it was directed at my, Doogie Hauseresgue neurologist who told me it was a waste of time seeing the chiropractor. Let me tell you that he will not forget the day that I walked through his waiting room and told him a thing or too about the “waste of time” that saved my life.

Now I know you are thinking that this is a really nice story AND it would be great if it ended there. But, of course, it doesn’t. I stopped taking every single medication I was on. AND————

I found out that this 40 year-old, career oriented accountant was PREGNANT!!! Never, in a million years had the thought entered my head.. Because I was off the medication I was blessed to give birth to my lifetime plan, Annabelle. She would have never been here if it was not for my last ditch effort to save my own life. So the kicker is that Annabelle will not let the pediatrician touch her. Only her chiropractor can “fix her wagon.” Those are her own words."

- Liz

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